Social Media Censorship!

In addition to coin listing censorship (See HERE) CHG Coin and WeCharg have also experienced censorship on social media websites. We no longer have access to our Facebook accounts (see screenshots, below).

These facebook sites exist, but are no longer under our control against our will:

Facebook WeCharg: WeCharg
CHG Coin: Charg Coin - CHG
The same for our Instagram accounts

We DO still have control over our Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin, but will be migrating away from these platforms also as a pre-emptive measure.

Those sites are as follows, for as long as we still control them:
Linkedin CHG: Charg (CHG) | LinkedIn
Linkedin WeCharg: WeCharg | LinkedIn
Twitter CHG:
Twitter WeCharg:
Github: Charg (CHG) - · GitHub

To mitigate 3rd party censorship, we are going to start hosting on our own much more often, with a bent towards distributed and censorship-resistant hosting options.

We still have control full control over our own websites, which we anticipate maintaining control over ad infinitum -,, Telegram: Contact @chargchat,,,,

Stay tuned…


The administrative access to my other business, which is called StealthMachines, is also permanently blocked by Facebook!![11057315_10153451305160480_1475866240405738794_o|500x500](upload://ouyl5D41mLNz3YXzcmGwHDQ5QcR.jpeg)