The Myth of the Self-Made Man

Where have you seen the primitives for THIS before? Anyone else see right through this?

Notice the untarnished outfit. Look at how many panels. 96KWH of battery and shelving? Charge controllers, inverters, extra thick cabling, conduit, permits, labor, shiny new tractors, that Tesla, mounts, CONCRETE. An industrial diesel generator with its own house, expansion buildings galore, oh and we’ll talk about that massive boiler over there in another video…

You understand what kind of budget this ‘self-made’ man has and how impractical this setup is for 99.9% of the population beside cost? Everything “balls to the walls.” And just how did this man’s project scale up with military-like speed and precision at a winter site all the while creating production-quality video after video? Military, military… why do I choose that word military?

Look at this man’s very first YouTube video. 26k views on day one? Now follow his guests. How many views on their very first YouTube video? Doesn’t that seem odd to anyone? Follow. The. Network.

At around the same time this man’s off-grid project was just getting started, my power at the second site was cut, I was literally placed in handcuffs, my family was being harassed and stalked daily, our goats and chickens were poached serially, and my social media accounts were taken down (to name a few… more on this later on). Censorship is very very real. My YouTube channel is shadow-banned, it has been stuck at 1k subscribers for over a year (please subscribe and support truly grassroots media).

If you go head-to-head with the machine, you will not only be cloned, you will be deleted. There is no level playing field. Reading from a script, this man does not understand what it was which he built because I feel he did not build it.

What’s missing? What is the one thing they will never be able to clone? AUTHENTICITY.

70 years to recover cost on a 10 year setup, smh. All that business sense makes perfect sense.