To All Legitimately Distributed Projects


To all the legit projects out there, who understand that this always was about migrating AWAY from centralized banking (a centralized future being utterly meaningless in this space to 99% of the world’s population…)

Your team is being sold out. Your team is being coerced. Your knowledge of this fact will be kept quiet. You will be told “it will be done tomorrow” until tomorrow never comes. This is no accident. Your team is compromised,… by central banking. The Ring of power.

Centralized banking presently holds all the keys. Centralized banking is afraid of you. Centralized banking wants you to fail. Centralized banking has powerful friends, like big energy and big oil. The story of David and Goliath comes to mind.

But knowing these facts, the cream always rises to the top, and there are legit projects out there who will find a way to rise up.

You can’t give up. What you are doing is important. What you are doing is going to put legacy fiat currencies and fake distributed on their knees. What you are doing will help improve the living conditions of millions and billions of people…

Don’t give up. Don’t stop collaborating. Evolve. Adapt. Improve. FIRE THE ROTTEN TOMATOES.
Enumerate with your team, before it’s too late, higher consequences for sabotage, mutiny, sandbagging, kicking the can, bribes, payoffs, libel, slander, etc. Compartmentalize when appropriate, collaborate when appropriate. Practice end-to-end encryption ALWAYS. Firewall yourself. Close off ALL vectors of attack.

World class security considers ALL vectors of attack. Direct or indirect. Are you picking up what I am putting down?

Protect your team. Make it known that it is safe to communicate the first sniff of trouble outside the organization. Arrange for physical security of team members when necessary. This includes their pets. Instruct the team to guard pets from taking in outside food or water. Some poisons are slow, others fast. Some kill pets, others give you the shits for months. Are you picking up what I am putting down?

Assume the existence of some corrupt public servants are a given - local, regional, national. Don’t let them target your team. Are you picking up what I am putting down?

What uniforms do certain currupt public servants wear? Do they wear blue collar, white collar, or both uniforms? Do you know what a grey man is? Are you picking up…. What I am putting down?

Do complex organizations and collaborations of organizations have complex motives? Do certain corrupt actors in multiple layers of government collaborate with corporations and mafia organizations? Are you sure this isn’t common? What would be the utility in this?

What is the RICO Act for? What are anti-trust laws?

What do developers want? What are some multi-facet benefits to nefarious groups engaged in organized arson? Have you ever had a chop shop with motorcycle gang ties suddenly move in across the street when before there were no neighbors for miles? Has mafia ever been protected by corrupt public servants? What do developers want? What do developers want? What do developers and nefarious organizations and corrupted actors all the way up to the lofty positions … want?

In a world of sell-outs, don’t be a sell-out.

Institute rewards for whistleblowers. Hire 10x developers redundantly when all you needed was 1x. Make it cost a considerable amount of $$$ to shut your team down. TAKE MATTERS INTO YOU OWN HANDS WHEN AND WHERE POSSIBLE. Invite your team to pray with you, if possible daily.

Understand that you are not alone. Understand that they will attempt to bankrupt you a million different ways. Death by a thousand tiny censored and financially censored and anti-teamwork cuts.

Coordinate with other projects. Make open source the standard. Figure out who your friends are. Love everyone, trust almost nobody fully. If you can count on one full hand the ones who truly love you in this life, you are lucky. Trust those five or six people. Re-evaluate often.

Find people who believe in a higher power. Find people who’s morality cannot be compromised. Find people who love God more than $$$. Find people who love other people more than themselves.

Grow or die.

You are the light. You are the future of mankind. You are mighty. You are great.

And they are…

Utterly meaningless central bankers.



And what you are doing, if you should succeed, will have meaning for your children. And your children’s children. And their children’s children’s children.

Because what you are doing has meaning. And what they are trying to do, no matter how much $$ they offer your team or how many threats they quietly issue to your team and no matter how much they try and break you, yourself… What you are doing is…



Understand the difference. God Bless.

Mathew 6:24
No one can serve two masters: Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

One more thing regarding our children’s precarious future -

Without good food, development is for naught.

Without a healthy environment, good food is for naught.

Without ensuring a healthy environment for others, a healthy environment for your own is naught…

Think about it, “you of little faith.”

Will grassroots opposition to the cabal at first appear as large or quite small? What is disruptive? What is censorship? What is manipulation?

WARNING: Graphic (and poignant) language -