Charg Coin (CHG) Vs. WeCharg - What's the Difference?


Charg Coin [Ticker: CHG], otherwise known as CHG Coin is a cryptocurrency asset, similar to but more powerful than Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is only designed to serve as a simple and secure vehicle of transaction, CHG Coin takes all of these security features and adds more powerful attributes to a create the next generation in blockchain technology. The website for CHG Coin is

An important feature of a typical CHG Coin transaction permits the payment recipient to incrementally assign value via a time-for-lease transaction model. This means that every second of a given transaction is recorded and a very small amount of CHG Coin is autonomously transferred as payment in exchange for that second of use.

Use of what?

While ANY variable can be used for this time-for-lease means of transaction (see Charg Coin (CHG) is Not Just for Electric Vehicle Charging), CHG Coin has chosen the electric vehicle charge as the primary use case. The reason? Energy is money. By assigning real-world energy transactions to real-world market transactions, CHG Coin has successfully merged the most fundamental unit of value into the essence of our Coin - CHG. For more information on why Energy is Money, see Energy IS Money.

WeCharg ( ) is the flagship use case of CHG Coin. It is NOT the only possible use of CHG Coin, it just so happens to be the project we are working on in order to exhibit the power of CHG Coin.

WeCharg is a crowdsourced electric vehicle charging network. Every charging station on the WeCharg network is privately owned by an individual franchisee. Every parking spot on earth can be converted with ease to an electric vehicle charging station branded with the professional WeCharg logo.

Like Uber or Airbnb, the WeCharg network depends on the participation of the masses to lease their electricity to the growing fleet of electric vehicles coming to roadways worldwide right now.

While CHG Coin is an open source platform and cryptocurrency, the WeCharg platform is a private business. Although it is private, WeCharg wants for the entire world to adopt the decentralized model of energy for money transactions. In the spirit of this, WeCharg now offers franchise opportunities to the masses for very affordable rates. Be sure to check out “WeCharg Franchise Information - What Type of Entrepreneur are you?” to find out how you can join the WeCharg franchise at a very affordable cost.

So while CHG Coin is a stand-alone yet fully decentralized autonomous blockchain-based cryptoasset, CHG Coin is made powerful and valuable by its very first use case - that of WeCharg. Together, WeCharg and CHG Coin are changing the way the world thinks about energy, money, and time.