WeCharg Franchise Information - What Type of Entrepreneur are you?


So, how do you get started with the WeCharg franchise and make money setting up electric vehicle charging stations? Well, there are a lot of ways to join us! Which one of these category(s) best describes you?

  1. The FREELANCER: You’re a rugged entrepreneur who doesn’t play by anybody’s rules. Anyone can utilize the Charg Coin blockchain to accept payments in CHG without any partnership agreements. Your only cost is the cost of hardware, which is about $1,200 as of the writing of this article and can be purchased by clicking here. No use of WeCharg branding allowed, and no listing in our private network, however, you are a lone wolf after all!

  2. The Parking Spot Locator: You know how to find the best parking spots for prospective electric vehicle clients. Once you find the parking spot, you’re the type of person who is eager to contact the parking spot owner and seal the deal. Don’t have the financing you need? We can help. Write to info@wecharg.com with the subject “I KNOW WHERE TO PARK” for more information.

  3. The Investor:You’ve got the money to invest but don’t want to worry about finding the right parking spot or installing the necessary electric. WeCharg can help you find eager entrepreneurs who have staked out the lucrative parking spots and who just need funding to get started. Write to info@wecharg.com with the subject “I WANT TO INVEST IN THE FUTURE OF ENERGY” today.

  4. The Electrician - We are ALWAYS looking for electricians to join the WeCharg alliance. Write to info@wecharg.com with the subject “I AM A CERTIFIED ELECTRICIAN” for fast track access to the WeCharg franchise program.

  5. The Networker- Everyone has a network. If you’ve got friends, those friends could be making you money via our lucrative affiliate / MLM program. By stacking up your profits with your friend’s profits, everyone wins. To join our affiliate program, visit https://wecharg.com/affiliate-account-page/

I WANT TO BUY MY CHARGING EQUIPMENT: If you make the investment and purchase the WeCharg equipment yourself, we believe you should keep all of the profits. Just pay a $299 safety check fee and $10 monthly for branding rights. Write to info@wecharg.com for more information today!

I WANT TO LEASE MY CHARGING EQUIPMENT: Have the perfect location in mind for a WeCharg station but don’t have the cash to get started? We can lease you the equipment! We can even pay you a royalty for finding the parking spot and for the customers which that station produces. Just get the land owner’s permission and write to info@wecharg.com with the subject “I WANT TO LEASE MY FIRST WECHARG STATION” to get started today!

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