Charg Coin (CHG) is Not Just for Electric Vehicle Charging

While the WeCharg ( electric vehicle charging station is the flagship use case of the Charg Coin (CHG) blockchain’s time-for-lease autonomous transaction model, it certainly isn’t the only one.

Think of Charg Coin’s blockchain as a vending machine for electricity. For every second of use, a very small amount of CHG Coin can be incrementally charged to the customer. If I only want 60 seconds of power, I only pay for a 60 second lease on the power equipment. If I want to lease a parking spot for two days, the CHG Coin network can also make that happen. But what if I’m not leasing electric vehicle charging at all? What if, instead, I am leasing something else requiring of a time-for-lease mode of transaction? What if I want to rent out charging power for a laptop, a cell phone, the use of a computer? What if I want to rent out a parking space with no electricity? Yes, yes, yes, and yes - the CHG Coin network can make ANY time-for-lease business model thrive- fully autonomously, and fully decentralized. No more middle-man banks, the funds go straight to your wallet!

Have a water source that you would like for people to pay per minute of use? That’s a good idea, the CHG Coin network can help you charge your customers for its use. Have a bicyle that you’d like to rent out in the city? Yep, our tiny computers with the CHG Coin blockchain built in can fit on one of those. What about your time? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could clock your labor by the second for a prospective client? Why can’t you?

CHG Coin is so simple to use that any application you can think of would probably work. That’s because the world we live in today is composed of time, energy, and money. By fusing these elements, the CHG Coin model of transaction helps you to connect your clients to a payment method which binds energy to money, and money to time, in a simple way that just makes sense.

What about the internet? Do you have access to the internet in a location where others would be willing to pay to rent your wifi? CHG Coin now supports wifi leasing, also. Just another example of how CHG Coin is building the internet of energy (IoE) - a pay-for-time autonomous means of transaction which also happens to be secure. For more information, visit