Steps to Get Started Today with Your Own WeCharg Station(s)

  1. Purchase a WeCharg station here: They’re $1,199 right now. Is that a lot of money? Perhaps… but think about it like this: it costs much less to get started than all these other lucrative franchise opportunities:

  1. Join our Affiliate / MLM program so you can share this investment opportunity with friends, family, and strangers - Affiliate Account Page – WeCharg

  2. Get the live help you need from our forums - and our live chat - Telegram: Contact @ChargChat

  3. Download our media kit - MEGA - and let us know if we can make you any custom designs for your home town by writing to [email protected]

  4. Go around asking businesses and homeowners for permission to establish a WeCharg station. You can set up as many as you want, and it scales really well! Imagine making $50/station/day and having 10 stations! That’s $500/day!

  5. Once you have found parking spot that will work great for your WeCharg Station (see step one), install the station. For a small fee, WeCharg will install it for you anywhere in the world. Otherwise, this is a helpful guide: DIY Business - How to Setup Your Own WeCharg Station in Minutes!

  6. Repeat! The great thing about a parking spot for a business model is that you can establish as many profit-making locations as you want! Just be sure you’re a member of our affiliate program so that you can make money every time your referals set up a new WeCharg station!

Now that you know the basics, familiarize yourself with these great resources:,,, CHG Coin Youtube Channel

Did you know that existing charging stations can easily be converted to WeCharg stations? Find out more by reading this article: ANY Existing Charging Station Can Be Converted To Work With Charg