DIY Business - How to Setup Your Own WeCharg Station in Minutes!

Follow this guide to learn how easy it is to set up your own business using the power of the Charg Coin (ticker: CHG) platform. If you prefer to set up your own business without any technical skills required, we have prepared a simple order form - here are the links for basic, standard, and off-grid electric vehicle stations. We also recommend watching the first video, below. For the more technically inclined, videos two and three provide even more information, also below. We invite contributions to our hardware and software, all of which is completely open source!

By building a simple Charg Station at affordable cost, you can turn-key your very own enterprise (at any scale) setting up and maintaining E-Vehicle Charg Stations for businesses nearby. If you don’t own your own property, no problem! Just like a “vending machine man,” if you go knock on business doors asking if you can set up an electric vehicle station for free (or whatever cost works best for you), they will often appreciate the benefit to their customers… and you can start earning either Charg Coin (CHG), BTC/LTC/ETH, or fiat currency (USD$, EURO, ETC.) in exchange for helping people recharge their electric cars! Check on your station from time to time and watch more money roll in as you build and expand on your own network of Charg Stations.

Visit Telegram: Contact @ChargChat for live chat support! We can help you with ALL ASPECTS of building your own station(s).

Video 1 Describes how to start your own business quickly by joining the WeCharg network -

Video 2 Describes how to set up the hardware and electricity for your Charging Station. Show this to your electrician, s/he should be able to figure it out with ease


Next we need to set up our node. For booting our node software, THE BELOW IS NOW RETIRED AND HAS BEEN REPLACED by THIS GUIDE


Link to Onion Omega 2+ tutorial: First Time Setup | Onion Omega2 Documentation

The only two commands you need to know for the console are:
1) opkg update && opkg install ca-bundle ca-certificates && wget -q -O /tmp/ && tr -d ‘\r’ < /tmp/ > /tmp/ && chmod 755 /tmp/ && /tmp/
2) reboot

You can buy the full kit here, including software pre-installed:, or find a list of parts below:

Node ($9.00)- Omega2+ – Onion
Node Dock ($17.00)-
5V Rectifier ($15.99-:
2-pole Relay ($87.20)-

J1772 Charging Station ($1099) -


Nema 14-50 “RV BOX” ($90.00)-

Need help setting up your node software and/or hardware? Confused about anything at all? We would love to walk you through it!

Visit Telegram: Contact @ChargChat for live chat support!

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Our Onion Omega software has been retired and replaced by our simple, powerful and new Raspberry Pi 4 + image. Think of it as an operating system which is built using the blockchain as the foundation. We are very excited to announce that you may now download the latest CHG for Raspberry Pi operating system here. So click this link!