CHG V2.0 is Finished - Our Very Own Mainnet!

Our awesome lead developer has turned in the files for smart contract version 2.0. It is currently top secret, and you can expect it to release concurrently with ETH 2.0 as a stand-alone fork catering specifically to energy as money. If you hadn’t been keeping up with Ethereum, this puts us at a release date of Jan 03, 2020. It will have a built in exchange, it will inject energy’s value directly into the coin with each transaction, and it will find consensus via each e-vehicle charging station on the network using a hybrid of ETH 2.0’s proof of stake.

So, why can’t you see it yet? Well, we are small. In a world of Goliath legacy banking, Tesla and big oil, the advantage David-style platforms have is being… underestimated! If we told Goliath we were coming and how we were going to change the world, what would Goliath do? Well, my guess is he’d protect his “all-seeing” eye from tiny threats! Why show Goliath your sling? You simply don’t do it if you want to win!

So instead of telling Goliath we are coming (if you know about us, you are in the minority by design and should consider buying CHG coin right now - click here), we are still quietly building the platform. We will be ditching all centralized aspects of the project and steaming full speed ahead into the decentralized - the project will no longer require any kind of administration in order to exist!

Energy is money. This is fundamental economics. A coin which honors this truth is… priceless. What are you waiting for? Support our cause now! Buy some CHG Coin right here!