This Was Kind of a Big Deal That Had Gone Unnoticed

Take a look at the origin date of our ETH bridge. This is technology that coins with endless bankrolls are only just now rolling out with all the hype, sans our EV, time, and wifi-leasing additives. And we did it with almost nothing. Dec-17-2021. FACTS MATTER.

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… and yes, our mainnet was up back then too with bridges established - (original launch date same as ETH bridge but it was relaunched per the timestamp)

And, that’s not all.

We’ve actually been online for quite some time. With minimum resources, we are outpacing giants.

… and it even goes further back in time than this!

… All the way back in time to August 2019 when we include our testnet!

To all investors- past, present, future - we have the best project on the planet, what we lack is you!