2022 State of CHG + Book Published

See it in action, using any browser which has a wallet installed - https://hub.zchg.org
Set up an EV Charging Station now! It’s EASY! - https://a.wecharg.com

BUY THE BOOK! https://wecharg.com/ebook

Blockchain-Based CHG Operating System for Raspberry Pi 4 is HERE! (CHG for Raspberry Pi 4 Tutorial) - https://forum.zchg.org/t/blockchain-based-chg-operating-system-for-raspberry-pi-4-is-here-chg-for-raspberry-pi-4-tutorial

Boot Your Own Charg Web 3.0 Node and keep TRULY distributed STRONG! - https://forum.zchg.org/t/boot-your-own-charg-web-3-0-node

Interoperability? Yes.

CHG 3.0 Truly Distributed P2P Internet? Stay tuned…

P2P loans are the secret to locked assets. The charging station hardware will require loans and microloans, the inter-fungibility will require locked assets. Locked assets and loans are one in the same, for p2p lender/lendee applications. That’s just one hidden power of the internetwork ZCHG.org

INTERNETWORK? That’s another big word! This along with WRAPPED ASSETS, and the preceding, are a powerful and potent infrastructure-building application for all. These commingled attributes are the REASON that ZCHG.org is the world’s first TRULY DISTRIBUTED internetwork computer.