Truly Distributed Internet? CHG is Already (Mostly) There


Did you know - CHG has Wifi Leasing? Had you heard - CHG is already a distributed, multi-chain ecosystem? Had you discovered that Wifi Leasing across distributed, multi-chain ecosystems is a step in the correct direction towards a truly distributed ISP - a free, or at least fair internet with good bandwidth even in rural areas?

The next step towards an even more free internet will be in creating a sovereign, distributed, multi-network, end-to-end encryption protocol riding upon a blockchain-based operating system.

Oh, and what about increasing the range of Wifi? We’ve thought of that too. P2P networking as enabled by the blockchain and end-to-end encryption is very exciting. No space junk required, just neighbors distributing internet to one another across vast distances with very little in hardware requirements. Just technology we’ve had since NIkola Tesla invented radio. Stay tuned…