Open Source / P2P / Censorship-Resistant / Anti-Spam / Off-The-Shelf / Evolution Explosion

I have decided to share some things with you in my approach to restructuring this project out of the defensive posture of private development and into the open source model of distributed growth, per our original white paper and also in keeping with my profound desire to ensure that I maximize our odds to immortalize a little bit of our hard work in this exciting and ever-expanding frontier of possibilities. We are truly living in a time of off-the-shelf hardware meets off-the-shelf software and with growth at a pace that leaves even the toiling expert’s heads spinning.

At the pace of evolution in this space, everything anyone anywhere had created only six months ago that was state-of-the-art is now crap. And I mean every project out there. This space is moving - so fast - that even the biggest and best coins on the market are old…, ancient…, as dust.

And so while the coins which make the most bang right now are those that have achieved the most market interest (and they were world-class products at the moment of their inception), those market interests only scratch the surface of what is possible in this space.

And why should Charg (CHG) be any exception to this pace of evolution? We are small and nimble, which means anything we can contribute must also be brought to market quickly or the advantage is lost. But what advantage is it - that we thousands of coin devs seek - the holy grail of recognition in the crypto space - the fad of market interest in a particular project?

So, bringing it all into focus, we are forgetting something quite important - that this holy grail is just ego, and not about the reality of where the space is headed. Mark my words, the future of blockchain will blur the lines between private projects and open source, and it will blur the lines between private projects and other private projects.

There will be one unified chain. All of the other chains will integrate together to form this chain. This one unified representation of all the chain’s whole will be greater than the sum of its parts. It will be inter-fungible, interoperable, seamless web2.0 UI, decentralized web, possessing of full anonymity, hybrid-distributed storage, distributed energy (that’s where Charg (CHG) fits in today), censorship-resistant distributed “DNS”, offline/off-grid-capable, distributed ISP.

So how does Charg (CHG) fit into all of this moving forward into this fast-paced future? Well, let me publish some things in the coming days as I transition Charg (CHG) out of private and into public. But to sum it up -

  • Charg (CHG) plans to unroll ALL of the above. And it’s closer than you might think. That’s because literally everything above, and more, is not only on our roadmap - it is manifest long term roadmap of every single project out there. We are all building the infrastructure together for a faster, smarter, cheaper, better unified blockchain which destroys the centralized model in place of a protected, hybrid trusted/trustless distributed model encompassing all of the above.

So instead of clamoring to be the number one dog, we are instead now clamoring to do as much of our own part as we can to build an uncompromising seamless distributed web currency experience - imbued with a sense of connectedness, ensured with guaranteed privacies baked into the cake. The future is boundless potential.

Charg (CHG), in recognition of this potential, seeks to become the very best possible CONDUIT for this inevitable availability of integrated off-the-shelf, lego-block-easy tools of hardware and software together as one ambiguous (to all appearances) entity which does one simple thing - makes people’s lives easier, without them even knowing.

One more thing - 3rd party wallets can and must evolve their UI into a seamless experience with web 2.0. The moment this occurs, web 2.0 and 3.0 is adopted by mainstream. As soon as mainstream doesn’t realize that the distributed web is the backend everywhere they look, that is when the evolutionary step in this boundless space will be complete.

As Charg (CHG) prepares for our transition into the open source we welcome newcomers to contribute as developers to our repositories, or just as friends with common interest in the segment of distributed energy as it relates to the fully integrated “unified blockchain” that is here already, but will become more evident very soon. Stay tuned…