YES, we do have a healthy Github


Folks, Charg Coin DOES have an active Github repository. We cannot share it with you at this time, however, as that would destroy all advantages we currently have as first producers of this technology. Yes, we plan to make a good portion of this open source one day. No, that day is not yet today. Once we know that this project has legs and can survive on its own while competing with the bigger players which will inevitably arise, we plan on turning this more into more of a “sharing economy”
initiative. Until that time, however, we must protect our assets! But here’s a screenshot of some of our progress -

Side note, we don’t always update on Github as our coders program locally, then upload periodically. I will try to provide current screenshots here and there, but if I forget please do remind me here and I will post a fresh one!

Or you can see where we go to see our private repositories, which to the general public will look like a white page at this time: