Yes, we are still here

Sorry for not being more attentive. I have just completed the longest move of my life (actually I’m still organizing a myriad of boxes) and things have been tough. We had some neighbors who were stalking us at our previous location, and so my priority needs to be protecting the family. Sorry for that.

Honestly, it was a little frightening, glad we got out of there - the neighbors were behaving very violently towards my family and my dog, shooting gunshots over the house at night, automatic weapon during the day with the children outside, threatening to kill my dog. Playing loud and violent music all through the night and day for days and weeks on end. Goats and chickens were also disappearing and then they would come telegraph their going missing, often before even ourselves knew it had happened.


We left because of this, and now we are back to being able to just go on a walk again, which is very relieving. Amazing how quickly productivity returns when your family is safe and able to just go on walks. It was like being on house arrest, and compared to that we are now quite at peace.

I have been working these last few days on upping our game in marketing. I expect to continue growth in this area in the coming weeks and months, it is a big weakness of ours for which I recognize the only solution is to grow. I was approached by a marketing guru this week, and it would appear that God is presenting me with an opportunity that I am going to take.

I promise I’ll do my best to make up for lost time, now that we are away from that terrible situation.

Talk more soon!