Why Open Source? Genetry Solar Inverter Update and Chit Chat

Quick update just to fill the airways. I am moving again. Time and energy are scarce at this time. I wanted to make sure you know I am still here and we will be back to full speed soon. Also I break the ice on why I am giving it all away, right away. More on this later on.

In regard to the Genetry Solar update - I am simply changing from revision A to revision C with some precautionary updates. https://genetrysolar.com

So sorry about the sound levels. Part of the reason I am moving away from Cheyenne, Wyoming is the cold. It is quite cold here. So, I had the heater running. I thought maybe it would distort the sound quality, but did not anticipate it would be this bad. Also the sound cuts out here and there, I have no idea why. Might be a connection problem where I am in the basement. I’ll address this also if I do more live streams.

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