Which Exchanges Listed?

Hey guys,

Just wondering which exchanges will list Charg coin on them (if any) so i will be able to best prepare myself for the launch of this ICO.


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Investors seeking to flip the coin are missing out on excellent opportunities long term, but we will attempt to achieve entrance into exchanges in early 2018, at which time we will make this announcement. You can always trade as a custom token on etherdelta. Thank you.



I have no intentions of selling anytime soon as I am in cryptocurrencies for the long term (5+ years) as I like to think I only make an investment into any crypto once. However thank-you for clearing that up

I LOVE that you’re thinking this way Josef, it shows that Charg isn’t a pump and dump coin. I’m here for the long term!

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Thats pretty much the program and seems Charg here to long long time