What if the Power Goes Out? Proof of Non-Tampering Consensus Will Not

Proof of Non-Tampering is a consensus algorithm concept whereby the ballooning ledger is replaced with more of a conduit style of propagation. The responsibility of the nodes is to keep a self-trimming record, as it were, of the validity or integrity of the network as a whole in more of a stateless way, the term stateless borrowed and modified slightly to define the network as carrying over the validity of the network as a whole as distinct from keeping a ballooning record. The network continuously self-trims but the validity of the information, stored both globally and in more detail inside of our ABI’s, is guaranteed network-wide by tamper-evidence cryptography. So we perform a continuous integrity check on each new transaction while the private transactions, being not really anyone’s business, remain private, verified, and containing the traditional ledger’s information.

Future development plans include transposing this with existing internetwork ABI so as to permit mutating ABI’s, which have some exciting prospects for internetwork EVM’s. We have existing interoperability tech which I will incorporate soon to permit mass adoption of this consensus algorithm when it is finalized sometime after I am able to secure more funding.

I don’t like Github, I think it’s clunky and overrated, so I will say this is an MIT release for now with the modification that you must provide attribution. MIT is common knowledge, not unlike the Apple or Kleenex, so if anyone doesn’t know what that means at this point it is perhaps a case of willful suspension of disbelief. Any case, provide attribution, follow the guidelines of the common knowledge MIT per this decree.

https://zchg.org Written by Josef Kulovany

Full Changelog: Commits · ZCHGorg/Proof-of-Non-Tamper · GitHub

Each ascending filename is a slight improvement, similar to a branch here in Github but wholly less organized … to all appearances. Tread through my messy notebook methodically and you may find treasure, skip over this code and you might miss out on a diamond.

So, what if the power goes out? CHG has been thinking about this since our start in 2016. Between our off-grid development, and PoNT, and our in-house P2P Internet creation visa-vi inverter modulation and many other techs, CHG understands that operating even when the power goes out is critical to our rising to the top, not unlike cream.

V0.0.2 is here in Alpha, now written in C++ -

Had a productive few hours, so I made some big progress, I feel…