WeCharg P2P Loan ALPHA is HERE

The WeCharg P2P Loan in Alpha is HERE! Now lenders and borrowers can connect in distributed fashion in order to proliferate WeCharg EV stations (or any other collateralized asset!). I’ll add more info soon, but the hard work is done and I must rest! Check it out!


Toggle select the following two smart contracts:
ChargingStation - 0x94533E21e765e50C78Cc8D9521c05A43196BEe88
LoanMarketplace - 0x9B84431552292DF3f6C627CFc21854C67a43E131

Metamask is recommended in order to properly interact! Download MetaMask | Blockchain wallet app and browser extension

It would appear we need to update the compiler before you can see what I can see. Stand by. In the mean time, enjoy the following screenshots as proofs!