WeCharg.com will soon be born

The fiat arm of Charg Coin, which has a WONDERFUL mission statement, will be live on Mar 12th, 2018. You can see it as it is being constructed by visiting http://www.wecharg.com

WeCharg will help us on-board the many tens of thousands of Charg Stations which we would like to begin building with your help. Get involved, build your own Charg Station now, and ride the revolutionary energy-focused decentralized ledger wave of the future.

Here’s the mission statement:

WeCharg has one two-fold mission: Improve developing economies while transitioning the world into alternative energies. This is done by offering the most advanced, automatic, and convenient electric vehicle charging technology at the lowest possible price. WeCharg believes everyone should be free to make money. Get onboard with WeCharg and together we can change the world.