V1.2 will be released soon


Sometimes quietly working in the background is best. It’s particularly best if you’re trying to avoid the attention of big oil and big banking while simultaneously attracting big community. Well, we’ve been doing just that. Coming soon is V1.2 of the Charg Coin architecture. It will feature the following:

  • Decentralized atomic swap exchange - set your own price on the world’s first truly decentralized blockchain energy platform.
  • Value is energy - harnessing the power of atomic swap trading, CHG Coin has found a way to anchor value with parity to energy. Every time an electric
  • International Language Support
  • Decentralized credit card support - every node owner can establish there own credit card support, making even our credit card support solution fully decentralized
  • Charging time can be purchased with credit card now
  • QR code support for all charging stations, allows for new customers to quickly join the Charg Coin network via QR code link to app installation
  • User review system - allows for bad actors to be flagged by the community
  • Second Layer Blockchain - while ETH is highly secure, a CHG proprietary blockchain in addition to ETH and powered by CHG Coin nodes is even more powerful
  • Ease of use improvements- traditional wallets are complicated. The Charg Coin App is simple.

Should be within the next month or so. We do not rush quality, nor should we. Stay posted, and BUY THOSE CHG COINS!