Thinking of a grid-tie setup? This is 120% something to ponder at


Check this out for an easy-to-follow guide for grid-tie breaker amperage requirements, as well as useful alternative options, depending upon installation types -


Multiple inverters and the 120 Rule:

DO YOU NEED THE POWER? A PV Interconnection: Load-Side vs. Line-Side is for you.


If grid-tie giving back to the utility isn’t your flavor, another option is ATS, which is very similar in function to a UPS battery backup and can be also be split into multiple circuits, and even phases, to economize scaling and permit the site to have heavy machinery.

Some very nice split phase ATS inverters:

What is an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)?

Did you say 3-phase? You betcha. WeCharg is working on an analog 3/6-phase, but for now this HD digital analog mimick works pretty good for getting yourself hybrid off-grid 3-phase setup. And it works pretty good for charging cars, too! It’s called a Variable Frequency Drive, or VFD.

A good example of a VFD 3-Phase setup:

VFD in-depth explanation:

This is also pretty helpful if you’re pondering about a hybrid off-grid 3-phase setup:

A neat alternative to VFD - “How to Make 3 Phase Power from Single Phase Power Using a Rotary Phase Converter including 480VAC”

What is a phase converter?

Phase Converter VS. VFD

DIY Phase Converter and more knowledge:

Star and Delta Starters:

…What the heck is 3-phase?



Know your Transformer: