The Word 'coin' No Longer Defines Us


May it be known, Charg Coin (CHG) will begin to phase out as our name. It will be slowly replaced with Charg (CHG) in the interim, unless something better is decided upon. This will remove the word ‘coin’ from our namesake and description.

A lot has happened in four years. We are not a coin, per say. This word is far too limiting…

This phase-out of the word ‘coin’ will take some time, and may affect some important things like our main website URL and also the URL of this forum. We will take great care to ensure this does not create unnecessary outages, and do not anticipate any problems in delivering the same great services as before!

“new name, same great taste!”

Stay tuned!


Per the previous, our white paper is very out of date. We will be updating this shortly to reflect the drastic changes which had occurred since our inception as an idea into our formation as a reality.

Edit pending.