The Top 6 Reasons to Invest in the Charg Coin ICO



The Charg Coin ICO is right around the corner and will be taking place on November 26th, 2017. With this exiting ICO occurring so soon, here is a look at 6 of the top reasons why you should strongly consider investing in it.

  1. It has real-world utility, allowing electric vehicle drivers to connect to every charging station on the planet.

Unlike many ICO’s that take place, Charg Coin is much more than a simple company token. Charg Coin has incredible real-world utility because it will literally be the currency with which electrical vehicle owners pay charge stations for charges. With electric vehicles taking the world by storm, Charg Coin could one day be the default currency people use to make sure that their vehicle is charged. This is really something to think about.

2. Scarcity

Only 10,000,000 Charg Coins will be released during the ICO. This means that if you are willing to make a significant purchase, then you could own a healthy piece of the Charge Coin market. As the laws of supply and demand dictate – when an item is scarce and when demand increases, price tends to go up. Demand for electric cars is only likely to increase into the future. However, the supply of Charge Coins will not increase.

3. Price increases expected after ICO

The price of one Charge Coin will be $.60 at the time of the ICO. However, it is expected that the price per token will rise immediately following the ICO. This often happens with ICO tokens that have a large amount of anticipation and interest. Charg Coin has gained a substantial amount of interest and considering its high utility level, the price could rise very quickly.

4. It’s value will be tied to energy long-term

The plan for Charg Coin is for it to become a currency that is used to buy charges for electric vehicles for a long-term time frame. It is not designed to be a short-term, fleeting coin. Energy is something that people will need for many, many years to come, and Charg Coin could be one of the main currencies that is used to make energy transactions.

5. It’s tapping into a 10.5 trillion-dollar industry

Every year, roughly $10.5 trillion is spent on fuel costs for vehicles around the world. However, as electric cars become more and more popular, increasing percentages of this $10.5 trillion will be spent on electricity as opposed to fossil fuels to fuel cars. Charg Coin will be tied to this market for as long as electric cars remain popular, which could be a very long time. If you get into Charg Coin at the earliest possible stages, it could be a very wise decision.

6. You can exchange it for any other currency

The fact that you can exchange it for any other currency makes Charg Coin highly flexible and highly liquid. These are both important qualities for coins to have if they are going to become very popular. The easy exchangeability factor is just one of the many excellent features of this coin.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get in on Charg Coin at the earliest possible stage. Be ready for the Charg Coin ICO on November 26th!