StealthMachines Wants to Build Cars


I read this article today, and it reminded me to mention to our audience an idea I am bootstrapping:

StealthMachines is a computer company founded by me, Josef, in 2004. If you didn’t know, I was also the founder of Charg (CHG).

So, we already have a computer company, we have Charg, we have WeCharg, and eventually we would like to have a car company. We will probably use StealthMachines branding? Maybe a new brand?

The NightHawk was designed, engineered, fabricated, and manufactured in-house by StealthMachines. What truck have you seen which looks just like this? Check it out…

The most custom part of any car is the chassis. Computer chassis are not that different from car chassis. StealthMachines wants to re-purpose in order to build cars.

So, long term, we are hoping to have a car company, a car charging company, the infrastructure and network which comes with Charg (CHG) to provide also distributed internet. If you didn’t know, wifi leasing is now native to the Charg (CHG) network!

See where I am going with all of this? Stay tuned…