So I Take It We All Lost Our Cash


Charg took the crypto from us, they are spending our money.

We have nothing, diddly squat to show for it.


Steve this is inaccurate, but I do encourage you to have a little bit of patience as “Rome was not built in a day.”

Have you…?

  1. Participated in the forums other than this post? I do not see any other posts from you…
  2. Joined us on Telegram?
  3. Read the white paper?
  4. Downloaded the app/node to see for yourself the fully complete platform?
  5. Visited us on Facebook where we already have 20K likes?
  6. Set up your own Charg Station which you can do RIGHT NOW?
  7. Visited us on Youtube?
  8. Helped our cause in some way other than posting irate messages?

If not, I beg to differ from what you have said.

Founder, Charg