Rejuvinating Wifi / Transformer / EMF

You may have heard the EMF (electro-magnetic field) arising from Wifi and even transformers (electricity) traveling to and through your home and on the public street is harmful to your health. Well, this is in fact the truth.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The human physiology is designed to tolerate the natural EMF all around us coming from the earth, the sun, cosmic energy, etc. etc.

The human physiology is not designed to handle certain other frequencies. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla.

I used to play the saxophone in junior high school. I played clarinet. I played piano. I played violin. It doesn’t matter about me, but the point is I understand some basic truths about the universe as it relates to music. The sound of the universe, is music. There are good, naturally occurring frequencies, and there are bad, disruptive, even painful frequencies that can kill you in seconds or kill you slowly over many decades. There are GOOD frequencies, and then there are BAD frequencies.

Here are some frequencies which I think we need to look for the GOOD frequencies, based upon harmonics. Some of these frequencies are better for EFFICIENCY, as it relates to the harmonic of the earth, some of these frequencies are better for HEALTH, SPIRITUALITY, and PAIN MANAGEMENT, or frequencies which resonate with the natural harmonics of the human body.

Check this link out for an expanded list of harmonics which have been studied for health benefits:

1.811939328 MHz or 3.623878656 MHz for emotional well-being
1.459617792 MHz or 2.919235584 MHz for healing or pain management
2.052587.52 MHz or 4.105175.04 MHz for earth’s resonance (efficiency)

54 or 108 Hz for emotional well-being
43.5 or 87 Hz for pain management
62.64 or 125.28 Hz for earth’s resonance (efficiency)

Additionally, however, it is possible that there is no healthy band to be found at the GHz and MHz and 54 Hz range necessary for wifi and electricity, respectively. Instead, CHG is also considering ground-to-ground power as well as internet.. In a word, the range capabilities of ground-to-ground communications is remarkable. Distributed internet, even in remote areas!!! And no creepy Skynet undertones ;). Ground-to-ground is a direct threat to centralized Starlink, and requires almost zero infrastructure to get started. Investors, are you paying attention yet?

CHG is taking a front seat at exploring these healing frequencies as it relates to Wifi as well as off-grid (distributed) power. Because we care about your HEALTH.

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