Questions about setting up Charg Stations


I am looking to own a charging station in dallas texas.
I have gathered information of the cost of hardware. I would like to get detail information on how your network allows owners to lease electricity, thereby making profits.

  1. Do owners need to get an electricity provider for each charge station?
  2. Do owners pay monthly subscription to use the charg network?
    I would to understand the profit making using charg network.

The blockchain is ultimately what allows owners to lease their electric power. Because each driver needs to first pay using Charg Coin, it’s all made possible because drivers who send money to charge station owners via the Charg App (apple or android) can remotely turn on any Charg Station with Charg Coin.

  1. Technically speaking, you do NOT need an electrical connection to set up a Charg Station. Because Charg also works for regular parking in addition to charging while you park, any regular parking spot can be converted into a Charg Parking spot by use of a simple sticker with a unique QR-code. The driver will take the picture of the QR code and be able to pay for parking by the minute, hour, and day.

That said, we highly recommend adding electricity to the mix. Depending upon how much power you would like to provide your customers, the cost of setting up a Charg Station runs from free (for regular, non-electric parking) all the way up to a couple of thousand dollars for rapid charging and anywhere in between. The more features your Charg Station has the more you can justify charging extra for its use, so Charg always recommends getting the biggest (most volts/amps) charging station which your budget permits. However, it’s always a good idea to start small and work your way up.

  1. Charg Station owners do not pay ANYTHING to set up and maintain a Charg Station. There are NO FEES! Charg Station owners will be required to hold a certain amount of Charg Coin (the price of which will vary depending upon how popular the network has become) in order to maintain a Charg Station. When a Charg Station owner is ready to stop having a Charg Station, they are free to sell their Charg Coin on the open market. While Charg Station owners are indeed required to hold a certain amount of Charg Coin, we anticipate this will be a good thing for Charg Station owners long term as the price of Charg Coin inevitably rises due to controlled scarcity of the coin implemented by the Charg Coin team.

For more information, be sure to check out our Charg Station explainer video, located below. We will be releasing kits, documents, and explainer videos designed by electrical engineers shortly, but in the mean time this video should explain a thing or two to the curious website visitor:

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