Proxmox Symposium - Hybrid Cloud LOCAL AI - LLM + SDXL + LXC Containers + Kubernetes Fabric for AMD GPU's

With little time to equip, 300 well-trained men can defeat a much greater opponent. With much time to equip, one man can defeat 300 well-trained men.
-Proverb, anonymous

The pen is mightier than the sword.
-Edward Bulwer-Lytton

When will the left hemisphere and right hemisphere, that of LLM + SDXL, respectively, be bridged by interoperability? CHG had the technology long since…

Easy-GPU-P Github page:


Web 4.0 is Terminator re-programmed for good, C3PO developed for local AI cloud as distinct from conglomerate AI cloud, AI programmed to your parameters and not the corporate mecca. And of course distributed power, energy, and information - P2P internet and TRULY distributed blockchain. CHG pioneered 3.0 stand-alone many years ago and Web 4.0 is for YOU, the reader, to develop further. Web four, it’s YOURS!