Oleg Ferens SABOTAGE?!?

Oleg Ferens is HIGHLY recommended. He is an asset to any team, and his world-class skills are unmatched in the world of software development. Sometimes, it feels like Oleg was sent here from another planet where advanced coding is the norm, as there is nothing average about Oleg’s massive skillset. Thank you Oleg.


Hope to see you just as active for CHG 3.0, as we take on distributed internet!

Please see Telegram: Contact @CHGdev for the COMPLETE story on why we no longer recommend Oleg Ferens in any way, shape, or form…

Sabotaged, AGAIN, Oleg Ferens? See also: Telegram: Contact @chargchat

These videos were published as unlisted in ~January 2023. This has been going on a lot longer than that!

SEE ALSO: https://forum.chgcoin.org/t/to-all-legitimately-distributed-projects/

We will continue to operate in the best interest of the Charg (CHG) project. Oleg Ferens, you have sabotaged visa-vi sandbagging this project since very early on. We gave you “seventy times seven” chances. You failed. Now all we ask for is 1) the original platform, functioning fully 2) instructions for your confusing and proprietary work, paid for in full with 1,000,000 CHG Coins long since, since you failed to maintain the project properly yourself!

This is not a complicated request. Oleg Ferens completed this work four years ago. The project has been up and down, mostly down, ever since. It has been down due to sabotage on the part of Oleg. Oleg refuses to properly maintain the network, therefore he needs to provide an instruction manual so we can serve the best interest of our investors. Simple. Why do you sandbag and sabotage, Oleg Ferens?