Now Hiring, Please Share!


Charg Coin (CHG) - and WeCharg - are now seeking help with the following positions. Charg and WeCharg are an exciting and cutting edge place to work virtually. We have been building our proprietary and scalable platform since 2017 and are now finally ready to begin bringing the platform to market.

As with any small business endeavor, the following roles are not necessarily going to be assigned 1 person 1 role, and ideally each candidate should be talented / expected to perform across more than one role, as needed. Candidates who are interested in straddling more than one role at a time should communicate their full skill set for this reason.

Chief Financial Officer / Chief Investment Officer (CFO / CIO):
Roles: Handle Investor Relations to close potential investment deals
Construct powerful investment proposal documents
Schedule meetings with investors
Manage Investor Funds
Manage WeCharg / CHG Coin Finances (accounting abilities requested)

Chief Operations Officer:
Roles: Assist the rest of the team with grinding tasks. Lots of busy work. Extreme organization and secretarial skills are a must. Must be self-motivated and willing to work hard day in and day out. Create and maintain hoppers for social media campaigns, physical campaigns, etc. Technical knowledge is strongly preferred, but can negotiate for anyone willing to work hard with excellent organization. Eventually this role will itself be responsible for sourcing virtual contract labor.

Chief Marketing Officer:
Roles: Expert in organic AND paid marketing campaigns. Must have experience with social media marketing. In charge of all things marketing. Must be a master at marketing with a shoestring budget and would prefer experience with corporate marketing. Must be capable of scaling campaigns. Would prefer a candidate with their own marketing staff or ability to create ads in photoshop and edit promotional videos in Adobe Premier.

Chief Resource Officer / Chief Business Officer / Business Analyst
Roles: Knows how to build and implement strategies to grow revenue effectively. How to increase sales by designing the right strategy for each channel. Will have custom Vtiger CRM dashboard to build and oversee an affiliate-based sales team. Must work well with CSO and CMO in a virtual team setting. Advanced analytics abilities are a strong skill set to mention!

Chief Sales Officer:
Roles: Seeking a workaholic sales person to close B2B deals of all sizes from individual charging stations to large electric vehicle charging networks. This role will be in charge of building, scaling, and maintaining our affiliate marketing sales team. You will have custom Vtiger CRM dashboard to scale the affiliate-based sales team. Must work well with CRO and CMO in a virtual team setting.

Youtube Influencer:
Roles: Now seeking “the face of WeCharg / CHG.” - looking for a talented and entertaining actor / actress to broadcast weekly YouTube influencer videos. Must be able to provide own set / camera / tripod. Must have advanced tech knowledge. Existing subscriber base preferred.

Roles: All volunteers are welcome to assist in helping this good cause! We are planning to change the world, and we invite you to join us! Will especially consider retired professionals and anyone with knowledge of coding, marketing, and/or any of the above roles - we want your help!

ALL ROLES MUST be willing to perform tasks outside of scope from time to time and as needed by this startup endeavor. Teamwork is a MUST and all team members are expected to maintain daily contact while participating actively in all meetings as needed.

Hours: Will consider part time help, but full time is preferred.

Pay: Starting pay is commission-based, with the team sharing commission based upon a successful campaign to build public / private investor support and commission WeCharg Station Installations. Full time career-minded individuals are preferred. Opportunities for salaried positions are possible as the platform grows and the candidate demonstrates value to the companies.

Contact Josef - for more information or to apply today, or visit to speak with Josef directly.