Next Up: Smart Contract Launches on a Micro-Fee Network

When technology grows and as time moves forward, all else equal, the cost of development declines exponentially. The availability of “off the shelf” is the fate of all development, all else equal. All else equal, the rainbow of technologies will begin to merge together into one technology.

In the coming weeks, Charg (CHG) will flex one of our secret strengths which anyone with a web browser + Metamask can see live right now - having one of the lowest fee stand-alone networks on the planet. To this end, we intend to launch a few smart contracts developed right here in-house. Some of these projects are based upon our Github, others exist in my private repository, and still others exist only in my mind or somewhere in my trunks of notebooks archived neatly using traditional pen and paper.

The beauty of creativity as a strength moving forward - with time, all else equal, we will have an increasing ability to control the destiny of this and other vertically integrated projects towards a materialization of technology permitting a color-by-numbers of what creative puts out. In the end, creative will prove to be the greatest of our assets…

… And creative never stops expanding.

I dream often, but I don’t often remember my dreams directly. When I do, it’s usually during the day as I am pondering about the next dreams I want to build into reality. Distributed internet, a financial-censorship-free future, truly distributed P2P as enabled by time-for-lease (energy) smart contracts are a sampling of irons in the fire around here. And of course my favorite theater of learning, WeCharg Off-Grid, which also continues to grow.

No, rather than remember my dreams when I sleep, I practice wakeful becoming of my dreams into reality.

Seeds become plants when watered. Stay tuned.