January 2018 State of the Charg Coin


Happy New Year from Charg Coin. We had a very successful ICO and have raised the funds we needed to kickstart phase two of the Charg campaign!

During phase one, we developed a fully functional proof of concept which also happens to be a minimum viable product. This is because the Charg Coin platform, version 1.0, is now complete. Resulting from this, anyone in the world can now download our Android (V1.0) or iPhone (beta) apps to gain access to 100,000+ existing electric vehicle charging stations - in addition to the network of Charg-only stations which we will soon begin onboarding in Phase two of the Charg campaign. Anyone in the world can now transact using Charg Coin, and anyone in the world can build their OWN Charg Station for very low cost.

In phase two, we will continue to distribute the Charg Coins, albeit at a higher price than you could have grabbed during the ICO. You guessed it, the price of Charg Coins will CONTINUE to go up, so now is the very best time to get yourself some more Charg Coins before we raise prices again. We will also now offer incentives to build your own Charg Station for our early adopters. These incentives in the form of Charg Coins and perhaps other gifts to our early adopters will ensure the rapid growth of the Charg Station network so that people can actually begin to use our platform for more than just the existing non-Charg stations.

I also wanted to take this time to address a few common myths about Charg Coin. First and foremost, I again need to reiterate what we are so that assumptions made by some of our contributors are put to rest. Charg Coin is NOT a company. Companies are centralized entities which survive by means of producing something that others need or want in exchange for compensation. Charg Coin is a decentralized open source platform, meaning we expect you, the community, to contribute to this cause as we slowly but completely hand over the torch to you.

It also means the founder’s fiduciary responsibility is to the health of decentralized platform, and NOT increasing the value of the coin for our investors. I have seen with my own eyes the damage and desctruction resulting from an immortal entity such as a corporation which is beholden to the investors, and it’s not in keeping with a very important sustainable business mantra - the “triple bottom line.” I encourage you to look up this word. You see, Charg is about more than making money for our investors. It is about building a sustainable future for our children. And as has often been said, it is not possible to serve both God and money. In our case, it is not possible to serve the planet, serve the people, and serve the future of both while simulataneously serving money - and so we draw a hard and fast line in the sand regarding this.

So why did you contribute to Charg Coin? We hope it was because you see the vision - that Charg Coin can help to build a sustainable future where money, energy, and good will are one in the same. It’s part of the freeconomy inititiative (another great word to look up) and the blockchain is finally allowing for this wonderful idea to take the world by storm for the collective’s optimal use. A trustless, peer to peer, decentralized economy tied to the price of energy and enabled by blockchain technology finally makes it possible to ensure that the world is a HEALTHIER asnd more secure place for our children to live than it was for the previous generation.

But for those of you who are only interested in Charg for your own financial gain, we think that you will also be happy long term. As Charg is a buy and hold type of coin which also happens to be distributed in very limited quantity, we anticipate that as the Charg Stations come online and as we begin to tether the price of Charg to the cost of electrcity, we will see some very exciting developements on the financial side of the coin. We hope again, however, that you are more interested in the growth of platform than any kind of monetary gains. I think that we ALREADY have a number of good people pushing for the actual ideals of the coin’s promise rather than the superficial ideals indoctinated onto all of us by the rat race that has plagued every culture on this fragile planet. But if you see someone talking about Charg Coin in terms of only its investment potential - please - correct them. This is about MUCH MORE than anyone’s pocket book, and the only way to make sure everyone understands this is to talk about it.

A few more myths to dispel. Each and every Charg Coin has an owner. As is usually the case, early on most of the coins belong to the founders and staff who have made Charg Coin possible. As everyone is entitled to do what they want with their OWN coins, we ask that you respect what we choose to do with what remains of our own reserves of Charg Coin. We can raise the price, lower the price, hold the coin, or sell the coin at any time. I will state that it is my personal vindetta to ensure the survival of the platform, but beyond that statement it is our business what we do with the remainder of the distribution, and just as we don’t ask what you are going to do with your Charg Coins, we simply ask the same of you.

Another common myth… this one’s funny to me because it addresses the same people who will NOT be reading this (but testimate to the value of reading rather than assuming)… NO, the Charg Coin team does NOT plan on being the ones who build the Charg Coin infrastructure. Although we will build a few of our own Charg Stations in order to see this initiative through, we have designed this platform so that ANYONE can build their OWN Charg Station. This means that the vast majority of Charg Stations will be built by independant persons and companies rather than the very expensive and risky model of building the infrastructure ourselves. In other words, what are you waiting for? Get yourself your OWN Charg Station now and begin watching the Charg Coins roll in! Write to mail@chgcoin.org for help with setting up your own Charg Station as well as to ask for early adopter incentives to help you on your journey to creating your own Charg Station.

Lastly, lets talk briefly about the market and exchanges. Charg Coin does NOT require the exchanges to survive. In fact, we have designed Charg Coin to survive with or without acceptance into those greed-induced platforms. While we are actively pursuing the exchanges and have no doubt in our minds that this is part of Charg Coin’s future, we’re not betting on the exchanges to see this vision through. To our investors looking to earn a quick buck, we invite you to wait until the time comes to sell your coins, as again this is a BUY AND HOLD contribution that you have made. There are two ways to get into the exchanges: you can buy your way in (Cryptopia currently charges $75,000 for this “privaledge”) or you can produce something which is worth something to society. We have chosen the latter, and while this path is NOT for the get-rich-quick type of person, it certainly may prove lucrative for the patient and calculated investor. Regardless, it is the responsibility of you the investor, Charg Station owner, and EV driver to help improve the value of the coin and spread the word. In other words, if you have not downloaded the app, installed your own Charg Station, and told all your friends about how great Charg Coin is, then we honestly feel you have no business asking the Charg Coin team “when can I sell out?”

One thing I can promise you: I will NEVER sell out. To me, this short life is not worth living unless I can proudly say to my daughter who is on the way that I made sure her future was everything, and I mean EVERYTHING… that I could give to her. Won’t you join me in the struggle?

Join me next week when I begin to open up a more detailed roadmap which the Charg Coin team and our contributors can begin to use to help shape the destiny of this powerful and important initiative.