It's been a while, I'll catch you up

So sorry for the lack of communication but I have a very good excuse. The team has been very busy!

First thing’s first, great job spreading the word. In the dormant period of our public advertising, you the community managed to increase the community size organically by over 31%. Great work talking to your friends and getting them excited about the future of Charg Coin and the decentralized, fully autonomous, open source, value-added future that we are building together with you in order to plug renewable energy directly into the mobile EV grid. Please continue to help us spread the word each and every day and it will pay off for all of us.

Two things we would like to see more of from the community! As the old adage goes “the gods favor the bold.” It is those who stand up now to either set up a franchise partnership with us over at or purchase more Charg Coins on the exchange who can see this project through to victory. What’s stopping you?

  1. Buy more Charg Coins on the open market. YES, this will help! You may also contribute to us directly by choosing to make a private purchase of the Charg Coins over at the old website - (don’t worry, we’ll cut you a deal on the price if you write to us [email protected])
  2. Set up your own Charg Station - It can be anything from printing out a sign for a simple parking spot, to setting up an electric charging station, to setting up a network of stations and we’d LOVE TO HELP YOU! Just visit our live chat channel on Telegram - Telegram: Contact @ChargChat

More ways to help us:
3) ASK HOW YOU CAN HELP / BE HELPED! Visit the telegram channel Telegram: Contact @ChargChat
4) Post in the forums, talk in chat, talk on social media and with friends on the street about Charg Coin!

Yes! We are mass advertising again here shortly! The legacy banking system tried to slow us at every turn but we are finally gaining steam. We have secured new financing and are opening up another round of fundraising in order to secure the liquidity which the “nuclear Charg team” needs in order to fuel a worldwide campaign of developing and marketing. Rinse and repeat. So lets break it down for you:

Marketing with a limited budget is all about the stars lining up. You need to be at the correct stage of development in hardware, software, media materials, and the market. The world needs to know we can back up what we say. So here’s what’s happening:

Hardware: Jeremiah (our electrical engineer) has been working hard to ensure that our platform has hardware growing room. We are working on a solution which allows for homes with minimal power coming in to provide rapid recharging to electric vehicles. We are also working on incorporating renewable energy into the mix such that off-grid renewable energy sources have the ability to power (and be powered by) the mobile EV grid. We are finalizing a means to tie into existing charging stations so that they can begin to accept Charg Coin.

Software: Platform V1.0 has long since been released, have you downloaded the app yet? Tried setting up your own node? Why not?? Visit this page to start downloading.

Oh, and V1.1 is going to be awesome. It is here we will organically inject value (fiat USD/Euro/etc.) into CHG via the decentralized open market. I hope you understand what this means. Anyways the details are so secret that our patent lawyer won’t let me talk about it so just hang out a bit and you’ll see.

V2.0 is now being planned. More decentralized, more secure, easier to use - better, faster, stronger, and of course a few more secrets which we want to share soon as open source with the world… but not until the timing is right for the proverbial egg to hatch.

Marketing: After securing financing (is there such a thing as too much financing? Write to [email protected] if you’d like to talk money), we are ready to push the top secret new video. We have an expected release date of this video of no later than June 20th (if everything lines up perfectly) with a drop dead date of July 18th. Everything involved in the big marketing push resolves around this sweet video. So stay tuned!

The Market: Mercatox has agreed to accept our listing (CHG) on their exchange. Hop on the chat rooms over at to let everyone know we are coming.

Kickstarter: We’d really like to get a Kickstarter going to transition our hardware from DIY to an actual UL-listed box. What do you think?

Closing Thoughts: It’s getting to where we are playing some serious ball over here at Charg. The only thing we lack is more funding, more awareness, and more people setting up their very own stations. So bring your game face to this thing and lets build the Charg network together so that everyone can join with us on the new frontier of energy meets currency!

Yours truly,
Founder, Charg / WeCharg
[email protected]

P.S. Are you an accredited US-investor or non-US citizen with more than $10,000 to invest in the nuclear Charg team? Write to [email protected] for investment options.