Hotels....?! Yep


There are three basic functions built, natively, into the CHG Mainnet with respect to the Electric Car. There is parking, there is charge car (we call it charg around here), and there is wifi leasing. But these are only labels. Parking, measured in seconds, is traditionally for an individual parking spot. Your standard car shows up, they take the picture of the QR code and are sent to apply their payment information (Visa, MC, CHG, BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.), they select out how long they want to park, and they park…

I want you to reach with me here. If it’s early or late where you are as you read this, I want you to put your thinking caps on…

…Parking is just a label. When you park a car, or a boat, or your own person to sleep at night, you’re really just reserving a slot for a certain period of time. From here forward, when you see the word ‘PARKING,’ replace it with “Bed and Breakfast”. Because Parking (Bed and Breakfast!) is measured in seconds, it’s possible to pay for a hotel on the CHG platform, as measured in one second increments if so desired, using the parking function.

… And because the CHG mainnet is an EVM-ready platform, any more advanced smart contracts on the CHG network, or on other networks (we’ve bridged them!), can be utilized for the installation of more advanced smart contract functions.

SaaS hotel booking, for example, could theoretically reserve a parking spot months in advance while permitting you to negotiate the best payment method to utilize - all without the need for interaction with an agent to handle the transaction for any given parking slot. One less hat to wear for a busy parking lot manager, and more time now to focus on other things. Because managing parking transactions, for example, shouldn’t ever be any more difficult than managing a parking lot. Bed and breakfast!

Our focus is on time and energy, as measured in one second increments, and their many infinite applications. It’s the powerful crossroads between the Internet of Energy and the Internet of Time. Speaking and as an aside, I believe the precise keeping of time will play a vital role in the success of certain autonomous smart contracts.

Now and again, imagine parking in the middle of a remote desert, a tropical paradise if you will, enabled by a network of charging station locations. Oasis in the desert, land which otherwise was non-arable sand. A new frontier! Clean water and hard work can make the soil, parched for so long, begin to blossom

How is this possible? Hard work, of course, as enabled by technology. All else equal, energy and economy can move water. More to come on the water front…

In the mean time, this is how you can start your own hotel parking hot spots, literally anywhere in the world, check it out -