Dissatisfied so far


Sorry to say I am not very impressed with your product so far. Putting aside the fact that your website is complicated and unresponsive, I recently purchased 1000 charg coins and have yet to receive any communication regarding the purchase. When registering ,required to give a physical address that the package will be sent to but would have thought if they were tokens it should be possible to get them sent to my wallet.Tried the chat function and email and have received zero responses. So far looks like at best an amateurish ICO ,at worst a scam.


Did you send your mandatory follow-up e-mail to mail@chgcoin.org ? Our live chat function is for pre-sale support ONLY and I did not see you in our Telegram channel.

Can you comment on what has made the website difficult for you to use so that we might improve?



I have not received an e-mail from you. Let me know when you send it here so I can make sure you are taken care of. Thanks!


Hi Joseph
Where does it instruct me to send a mandatory follow up email ?


I am happy to assist you once I get an e-mail from you in our box mail@chgcoin.org

We need to know

  1. your payment method
  2. transaction ID
  3. private eth address created preferably on myetherwallet.com

Thank you.



Once I sent them the follow up email they asked for my coins were sent to me the same day! I wouldn’t call this an amateur ICO, I’m very excited that I came across them!