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CHGCOIN.ORG - A development community focused on - CHG COIN - itself, binding energy to money, decentralized atomic swap exchange, open source software / hardware, and bringing affordable (renewable) off-grid energy to the world via blockchain. We hope to encourage sustainable business models and energy harvesting techniques as facilitated by branch companies and micro-franchises (crowdsourcing). We do so in partnership with as our alpha partnership in order to utilize the CHG ledger in real-world energy-focused applications.

WECHARG.COM - A business-oriented side of the Charg Coin Platform, and actually 100% separate from the original Charg Coin development project. is a for-profit endeavor which seeks to build EV Charging Stations rapidly, worldwide! I guess you could say, they are a crowd sourcing (think Uber or Airbnb) parking meter company which utilizes CHG COIN as the dominant payment method. WeCharg seeks to help rural and urban communities alike to make money converting renewable energy into an overnight infrastructure boom resulting from the magic of crowdsourcing meets real-world paid parking spots. - deprecated, for now.