CHG Coin is the Internet of Energy (IoE)

Every heard of the Internet of Things (IoT)? The internet of things is the next generation use of the world wide web. It will allow real-world material things to interact with their digital counterparts. This means that anything that can have a barcode assigned to it can now exist digitally, and in this way the web and the real world can become integrated. Just how integrated, you might ask?

Very integrated. From the clothes you are wearing to the items in your refrigerator, hardware and software are advancing at a rapid pace in tandem with the smart phone in your pocket and smart chip in your wallet to blur the lines between virtual reality and the real world. Corporate giants such as Amazon are cashing in on the barcode craze and digital entertainment is unrolling a world where virtual reality, and the material world, are merged.

This emerging technology is here to help you. From keeping track of the elderly to making sure the fish are fed, there is an infinite amount of possibility in the brand new world of the Internet of Things (IoT).

CHG Coin is here at the cusp of this technology. CHG Coin utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) to produce our own technology which we call the Internet of Energy (IoE). Like the Internet of Things, the Internet of Energy permits real-world widgets like charging time to be recorded incrementally in exchange for money. And when you can do that, you can assign energy’s real-world value to that of CHG Coin. Now every second of energy consumption can be autonomously assigned value as real-world transactions occur everywhere on the CHG coin network.

When you have a tiny computer (about the size of a quarter) attached to the internet which is itself attached to a smart switch, a world of possibilities opens up. You can turn on machines, turn off machines, control for how long a machine is turned on, and control how much money is sent to a machine in exchange for its work. If it seems simple now, you’re exactly right: CHG Coin’s simplicity is what makes it so great. Using money to control real-world machines all around us via the internet is a smart, secure way to transact. And as I’m sure you are beginning to see, the possibilities on this new frontier are unlimited.

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