CHG 2.0 Mainnet is HERE!


The long-awaited CHG 2.0 is finally here! Yes, that’s right, we have our own Mainnet and resulting from completion of this we are now among only a handful of cryptocurrencies the world over.

You can trade CHG right now here -
And also here -

So how do you see it?

  1. Network status can be viewed here:
  2. Explorer can be found here:

Some things we need to go over so that you can understand how it all works -

While the Mainnet is complete, we have not moved any coins over to it. That’s because we are developing a proprietary bridge for crossing over between the ETHnet and our very own Mainnet. CHG Coin will live on BOTH Ethereum AND our own Mainnet, but will perform much faster on our Mainnet. When the bridge is published, you will be able to cross over between networks with great ease. Until that time, we ask that you please trade using the ETH-based CHG coins. Your trades are important to the cause and by owning CHG Coins you are helping the greatest movement in FULLY decentralized energy distribution the world has ever seen!

There is still some work to do for CHG 2.0. Our front end is still being fine-tuned. This is what the node owner will see. It has been released in Alpha and will be released in production concurrent with the new bridge and oracle.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has ever believed in us. It has been a long journey, we are not done yet, and soon you will find that this technology is unique, relevant to modern times, and powerful. After all, ENERGY IS MONEY!

Special thanks to:
Oleg F., Lead Developer
Oleg S., Android Developer
Asad Zeeshan, Marketing Guru
Josef Kulovany, Founder
Most importantly, thank you ALL OF YOU for contributing to the cause!