CHG 2.0 Code is Now Viewable - Web 4.0 is YOURS NOW! - Web Four, it's Yours!©

CHG 2.0 was long since sabotaged internally. Which means some big players took interest early on, in spite of our stealth launch tactics. That’s ok, it’s free to view now. It means we were over the target, long since.

So, it’s free to view now. You can’t sabotage free, after all. Big oil, big energy, big internet, etc., require code repo’s to remain closed. We do not agree with this.

CHG 3.0 is HERE. CHG 3.0 requires ordinary people like you and me to participate using the power of Proof of Authority to create the truly distributed, private ledger. Networks, and layers of networks hosted by YOU.

We also anticipate the nearly-soon rise of the distributed ISP, containerized hybrid-cloud AI powered by everyone, and of course offline-native protocol. Stand by.

Josef predicts the 51% attack is inherent to the network all the way back in 2018 on Crypto Blood. This means there cannot really be a 51% attack because it’s already centralized when one conglomerate owns more than 51% of the miners, as has long since been the case with pseudo-decentralized coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Now derivatives in disguise called ETF’s muddy the waters even more! Remember the 2008 housing market crash? Oy vey! []


Charg (CHG) solved this problem at least six years ago - the world’s first truly distributed Web 4.0 is here! By giving the mainnet source code to everyone to view using wrapped interoperability per, Web 4.0 is the evolution of Web 3.0 with a twist - now EVERYONE literally owns a piece of the pie. Now everyone can be their OWN mainnet! Note: You MUST show attribution to prominently in order to start your own mainnet using the code, and you must obtain the express permission of in order to utilize a fork of the code per the license agreement. Everyone can view 100% of the code right now for free over at

Thanks Crypto Blood! / @cryptoblood

Happy coding!

Web 4.0 is Terminator re-programmed for good, C3PO developed for local AI cloud as distinct from conglomerate AI cloud, AI programmed to your parameters and not the corporate mecca. And of course distributed power, energy, and information - P2P internet and TRULY distributed blockchain. CHG pioneered 3.0 stand-alone many years ago and Web 4.0 is for YOU, the reader, to develop further. Web four, it’s YOURS!