Charg: A Coin with a Global Conscience

Charg Coin aspires to help the world

By E.C. Gregg

When Josef Kulovany, founder of StealthMachine Custom Gaming Computers, first started mining cryptocurrency he couldn’t shake this feeling of guilt.

“My passion has always been in renewable energy, and mining is a fairly dirty practice so I was always thinking of solutions to make it more sustainable,” he says.

Kulovany retrofitted his studio in Fort Collins, Colorado, to concentrate and repurpose the heat from his machines and even used renewable energy to power the building. But the real breakthrough happened in summer of 2017, when he realized he could use cryptocurrency to help the energy crisis on a global scale.

So began Charg Coin, a crowdsharing platform that uses Ethereum blockchain technology to allow homeowners to lease their electricity to electric vehicles. After less than a month of programming, Kulovany’s team has successfully developed two smartphone apps for iPhone and Android devices, a series of smart contracts and the Charg Station Node, which enables the Charg Stations to come online.

The Charg Coin platform answers the fundamental problem facing the growing electric car industry because anyone with a traditional outlet can transform their home into a Charg Station.

This need for infrastructure is becoming of greater importance as more car manufactures invest in electric vehicles. Volvo has even announced it would only manufacture electric and electric hybrids starting in 2018. What’s more, countries such as China, France and the United Kingdom have all promised to ban the production of internal combustion engines in the coming decades.

Kulovany believes this electric future makes a company like Charg Coin indispensable in the world marketplace. He also appreciates the ways it is fulfilling the “triple bottom line,” a business model that encourages companies to feel the same sense of responsibility towards people and the environmental as its end of year profits.

Kulovany was first introduced to the concept while studying mechanical engineering, economics and business at Colorado State University.

“I had this teacher that was always asking us to think about how we were going to make a difference in the world, and I realized that you could pay me all the money in the world and at the end of the day I would feel somewhat empty if I wasn’t doing something that was contributory,” he says.

So on top of the exciting opportunity to be a part of an ICO, Kulovany enjoys that Charg Coin provides people in both developed and third-word countries with a source of income that is actively contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet. Because no matter where people live or what they do, everyone benefits from more electric cars on the road.

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Happy to be a part of this. Creating a source of revenue for those in third world countries is brilliant. Many people think of cryptocurrency and blockchain as ways for wall street bankers to make millions but the application for the technology is even more effective in third world countries,

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