Why Goats? Why Chickens? How Does it Relate to Electric Cars?


Why not goats!

  • Goats do not require very much feed, if any.
  • They only require land and semi-clean water. They eat what most other animals are not interested in - ruffage.
  • They can even eat trees if food is scarce!
  • They like to eat what we consider as weeds.
  • Goats are therapeutic.
  • Goats are 100% sustainable.
  • Free-grazing goats improve the land when they eat, hoof, and poop!
  • Free-grazing goats make the land ready for larger animals over time.
  • A free-grazing heard with multiple billy goats or one larger billy goat is able to defend the heard. In other words, the goat is self-defending (while a dog is man’s best friend :wink:
  • Goats automatically return to the barn at night - no fence required!
  • Goats can be used to make hills more gentle!
  • Goats can be leased out to eat weeds!
  • Goat meat tastes great!
  • Goat milk tastes great!
  • Goat CHEESE tastes great and is loaded with nutrients!
  • Have you ever heard of cashmere?
  • Goat milk is rich in nutrients and goats can produce milk year-round!
  • Unlike commercially-grown crops (I see another pilot project in the making!), goats do not devastate downstream with fertilizers and pesticides!
  • Free-grazing goat meat and milk contains less fertilizers and pesticides!
  • Free-grazing goats are 100% non-GMO!
  • Free grazing goat meat provides nutrients you can’t get anywhere else!
  • Free-grazing goats naturally prevent forest fires!
  • Free-grazing goats can survive on the tallest mountains and in the coldest climates! Or thrive anywhere else, too!
  • Goat is considered a luxury food that any foodie would try once.
  • Goats provide food security, a refrigerator in your backyard, freshest food possible that increases in bounty over time, rather than spoiling.
  • Goat meat as of this writing is worth an average of $16.99 / pound (a pound is about 2.2 kg’s).
  • The goat reproduces at an incredible rate. Please see the below.
  • Many ancient texts reference the goat. The goat can teach you, too! The goat is an incredible animal!

Let me break it down for you!

If I start with four goats, free range and no fence in an area with lots of open land, it will cost me between $200-600. One billy and three does.

These three does can have up to three kids each. That’s up to nine kids in the first permutation! Now we have 15 goats!

Let us assume we got extremely lucky. All girls.

On the second permutation, we have purchased a new billy from outside of the herd for the genetic variety. We can now trade out our original billy or harvest for meat. Or we can keep him for more protection of the herd if we live in an area with natural predators. The count is still 15 goats, lets see what happens…

On the second permutation, our 14 does drew three’s again, all girls. Carry the two … that’s 42 goats and our billy to make 43 goats.

Our $200-600 investment just became $2150-$6300 in a year. Our rate of growth is 10X per year. That is incredible. I will add that chickens are also incredible animals, and I’m sure there are others out there with similar potentialities. But the goat doesn’t require feed if it is free grazing in an area with lots of land and water… Ten years from now, for example, we will have 40 Billion goats, or up to $6 Trillion!

When you sell your goat for meat and for milk, these potentialities are even more impressive…

But you are person of business, and these numbers would be quite miraculous. You will incur losses, expenses, sickness, random unexplained deaths, small liter sizes, drawing all boys, etc. etc. And you of course will not have unlimited land to work with in most cases so you will need to manage your herd size or better use the herd’s growth to finance the purchasing of more LAND. If you grow enough to convert goats to more land, you have won the game.

Let’s take my farm for example to assess -
1st permutation on three does we drew: two girls and a boy. Rubbish. Whatsmore, one of our does was very old when we got her for $50 and she became baron before having another. What a bad idea, Josef…

2nd permutation on two mature does we drew: Sophia 2 billies, Cocoa a billy. I will continue to throw out the billies each time for simplicity’s sake to make our current doe count now: four mature does.

3rd permutation on four mature does we drew: Sophia 2 girls, Donna Dos (Donda) 3 girls, Cocoa a billy, Sophia Dos drew a girl. Two of Donda’s three perished within 24 hours, as sometimes will happen on the farm. The count is now: eight does and five billies. After a year and a half and after three permutations, we have 13 goats. Dividing 13 by 4, we get 3.25X after 1.5 years. Extrapolating, we get to 10,200 goats after ten years, or between $500,000 and $1,500,000, conservatively. The potential is much higher!

And I didn’t even factor in meat and milk! Our meat is, at an average of 22 pounds per goat and $16.99 a pound, worth $3,700,000.

Our milk, conservatively assuming a herd composition of 8 females to 5 males, means our 10,200 head of goat is composed of 6,276 does who are collectively producing an average of 600*6276 = 3,700,000 quarts of milk per year, or $7,400,000 per annum.

With better farm management, we could have gotten that number a little higher and we will take what we learned and improve with time, always sharing what we have learned to make your farm better too.

I will also need to build a barn and I will of course have lots of expenses. Four goats only need a small shack which can be built from scratch for free, while a herd of 10,000 goats will require a large plantation with multiple barns to manage. Most will choose to cap the herd at a certain size, and that’s wonderful!

But if you were to continue on this journey of exponents all the way to 10,000, you will need to hire professional help at some point, a worker or later a few workers who may like to sit in their mobile goat house and watch the herd as it moves through vast droves of unrefined land. Most of the money becomes EQUITY, in some form or another and profits are divided between land acquisition, head of cattle, income from milk and meat. It’s actually quite common to see in Argentina, if you are wondering if it is possible, I estimated about 10,000 head in this photo I took of a small drove of the larger whole while I was visiting there -

The best part of wherever this may take the reader is, these animals live their lives 100% free. The gate opens and shuts at dawn and dusk for protection from predators, and that is when the real reward comes in - interaction between savvy entrepreneur and the free-graze farm animals!

BUT how does it relate to electric cars?! For that, you will need to read my other article - https://forum.chgcoin.org/t/hotels-yep