Status Update - Long Time No Talk

Yep, we are still here. The forums were down for about a week (sorry about that) as we consolidated our server space, so a few posts were skipped (sorry). We had to push back our big marketing campaign due to the bear run having longer lasting impact than we thought before. I believe it’s a lot to do with correct timing.

Status update:
I have determined the white paper is a little old, so will get around to updating it shortly. As with most projects, this one has evolved from trying to save the world to choosing our battles wisely, and so the old white paper needs to be updated, resulting. It will include less verbiage about the “robin hood” side of things for v1.2 and more verbiage about autonomous market propping - a proprietary new way to inject energy directly into the value of CHG Coin. While the “rich get richer” and derivative manipulation are two unfortunate side effects of the worldwide phenomena known in economics as the tragedy of the commons, I truly believe that other projects involving AI will have a better chance at curbing the monopolization of digital assets / miners.

Well, we are doing something to solve the derivative problem, but until AI blockchain monitoring starts to go mainstream you will not readily find a solution which entirely solves the problem of derivatives masking the true value of digital assets. That’s because people must choose to stop trading on the centralized exchanges and begin consciously choosing atomic swaps. And in order to do that, users will need to be educated on the social benefit of avoiding the central exchange. To make a long story short, Charg Coin has broken ground on our own atomic swap exchange to be build into our platform - iphone, android, website, nodes. And pending some delays until October we are still working diligently on completing this in fashion which pairs well with the autonomous market propping which will directly incorporate this technology.

We added a three-way switch to the wiring diagrams on Youtube which we will publish shortly. There is a preview of this circulating among our most dedicated community members over in the Telegram Channel. What that means is that you can now solicit existing EV charging station owners to add Charg Coin as an accepted payment method… it is a hardware hack, or in the electrician world they call it a three-way switch with battery backup.

We are still working on adding MLM support so that our most dedicated community members can begin to earn extra cash referring friends to join our growing network of Charg Stations.

A small video is coming out soon to explain how to set up your own business as a Charg Station owner. Stay tuned.

We are always HIRING, especially on the marketing side. We consolidated our marketing team and are recognizing the need for a powerful figure to fill the void on the marketing side. The good news is our finances grow more healthy for the big marketing push as the bull market returns. The programming team is meanwhile very healthy with a lot of talented people at the wheel. But don’t be afraid to hand in your resume to if you are interested.

It is all a matter of timing on our end, but we will always need your support! Buy more coins, spread the word, set up your own business, you can change the world and Charg Coin is here to help you do it.