P2P LOANS Powered by CHG Network

The other day, I broke ground on the following project:

“This code is for a smart contract that facilitates peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. It includes a struct called “Collateral” which has three fields: “assetType”, “assetID”, and “value”, representing the type of asset being used as collateral, the identifier for that asset, and the value of the asset, respectively. The contract also has several variables including “owner”, “loanAmount”, “interestRate”, “termLength”, “borrower”, “lender”, “monthlyPayment”, “loanActive”, “unpaidBalance”, and “paidOffTimestamp”. It also has two mappings: “borrowerApproval” and “lenderApproval”. The contract has a constructor function that is called when the contract is deployed, and several other functions that allow users to request a loan, add collateral, approve a loan, make payments, release a loan, and sell a loan.”

This sub-project is HUGE for us. It will permit us to set up charging stations and other nodes of interest (wireless power + wireless P2P ISP, for example) which are fully funded by P2P. Bootstrapping meets scaling. Move over, there’s a new dog in town, and you’ve been calling him Underdog!

Right now this and my other post from today are just code. Soon I will do the easy part, which is to make the pretty front end website. STAY TUNED!

You guessed it, the collateral will be CHG charging stations, nodes, wireless stations - STAY. TUNED.