Is this ICO a scam


Hi, is this a scam, your website doesn’t have full functionality, the links to a couple of the teams linked in profiles don’t work, namely Dylan Ander and Timothy D Layer

Dylan Ander The ones that do seem to suggest those members have little or no experience in this area?

The ICO has had minimal reviews and they aren’t great. The amount raised to date is minisicule too. There is no real proof of concept and details of any supplier / client agreements in principal. Looks all too amateurish.

With 1 day to go till your alleged closing date, is that going to be extended?

Will you undertake to refund all parties if the ICO doesn’t complete?

Love to hear from you


I’ll start by saying I disagree with the following:

  1. No, this is not a scam. Scams are built by firms which put marketing first, development second. Charg Coin has been putting developing first, marketing second. We believe in slow growth, not fast-popping fads like most of these ridiculous ICO’s you might see out there today. We care about quality, not cutting corners. We are building infrastructures of code, people, and utility, not a house of cards. We are helping to evolve the future actively, not making promises about going to the moon.

  2. I have just checked and both Timothy and Dylan’s Linkedin links are fully operational. Perhaps there was a rendering issue with your particular browser? If the issue persists, kindly write to with a screenshot.

  3. Our marketing team members might have more boisterous Linkedin profiles than our programmers do because that’s what they do best: marketing. And our programmers probably haven’t been focusing on their Linkedin because they are busy programming. Not to mention, our programming methodology has evolved beyond the cubicle mentality into the global market, where we have hand-picked rising talents as opposed to paying too much for “big names.” Case in point: we DO have a complete platform after having existed for only two months, and you can download it now here for free:

  4. As stated in 3, we do have a proof of concept and it can be downloaded right now. It will only get BETTER from here.

  5. There are at this juncture a myriad of Youtube reviews to go by, all positive as far as I know. Check this forum, or google Youtube. We will be adding them all as a playlist shortly for your convenience.

  6. The ICO’s goals have already been met, and as such we have already been able to build a platform. Next comes building up the QUALITY of the platform. Any funds received from here forward will be used to catalyze this event, as well as the other events listed on the white paper.

I invite you to take the time to further explore the website and its platforms. From Facebook, to the dashboard, to the apps, smart contract, working prototype, and everything in between it’s really quite massive for only two months in existence. I couldn’t be more proud of my team and frankly, I already view this mission as a great success. It is true that we have a great deal of work to do, but I cannot say I agree with anyone who says we are not headed in the correct direction.

Founder, Charg Coin


Well I fully agree to all the points of Josef and I want to add for the respected person who put the question, Sir if linked In goes down some time so you can think all is scam? There are technical issues may be in browser when you have full cache so it happened but you can change the browser to try again.

I dont understand sir where you have taken the refund in your mind and who told you ICO doesn’t complete? What are the steps you think are not complete? Please explain.



Hi Joesef and Asad,

Thank you for both your replies.


Firstly, I wanted to be direct and ask the question “is this a scam” rather than meander with indirect questions. I get the idea of slowly progressing. But at an
an ICO value of just shy of $120k people / investors don’t seem to be buying into this. Moreover, how will you fund development beyond this. Are you or
have you guys committed additional funds or is there a secondary round of ICO
or what?

I get the concept and there is an allied business and payment channel here such as park on my drive for congested metropolitan areas, in case of non charging vehicles, rather than car parks but I honestly fear that charg coin may be overtaken


My question was rhetorical as in “if the ICO does not complete, will you refund” not that it will not do so.

I wish more people would participate on this thread to get more dialogue and make up their minds and provide more exposure.for this concept.

For the record I have invested a minimal amount that I am comfortable with for now.


If you are still needing to ask if we are a scam after my response, I am not sure what to more to say. No, we are not a scam. Why would a scam have developed an entire platform?

In regards to your other statements, yes of course it is possible we will fail. No, I will not let that happen. Unlike the other ico’s who had jumbo marketing budgets to begin with, we started with literally nothing. And so to get nearly $200k I think is a real success and shows the wonderful potential. When you see an iceberg in the ocean, do you assume that the tip is all there is?

These jumbo marketing firms are good at only one thing, and that’s selling coin. Marketing firms are notoriously very bad at follow-through. Not so for bootstrap decentralized community Charg. It’s good that you invested a little, but I am curious… if you are holding back, will your future self will one day regret doubting a firm that went from $0 to $200,000 in two months flat? I guess we will see…