Ground-to-ground Communications as They Relate to Split-Phase Inverters

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So I was looking at the schematics from my preceding post ‘Ham Radio DIY Antannae - Fill this House!’ and it occured to me - that ding dang dong thang looks just like an inverter’s donut (transformer)! Check this out, looking specifically at the donut of coils -

And then I thought, it IS one in the same. Nikola Tesla, in point of fact, pioneered wireless power and wireless communications. He utilized the earth to do so, and he utilized the air. Both one in the same, he utilized.

An interesting development of the inverter industry is the split phase capability. In a nutshell, split phase permits for two phases (120V + 120V) to live on one transformer. This is accomplished by the split tap:


As the source and source image alludes, a split-tapped transformer is in fact one transformer split in two about the middle. This splitting of phases permits the equal and opposite distribution of phases (120V + 120V) to travel through three wires (Hot1, Hot2, Ground).

Hot1, Hot2, Ground. Hot1, Hot 2, Ground. Hmm…

So you’re telling me the transformer, being the same form as the ham radio amplifier, can have split-phase? YES!

And so can wireless communications. We can send TWO SIGNALS through the ground and/or through the air, with the same originating toroid.

Think for a moment if you please, about the ramifications of this. Not only can I now compress and refine the signal of my wireless communications, but I can also send POWER through the GROUND (and/or air).

And Nikola Tesla already accomplished this many decades ago…


I encourage the reader to follow the source links, and learn all about wireless power as it relates to Wardenclyffe
(Colorado Springs - Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe)

Wireless communications, and wireless power. Split-phase toroids. Split phase communications for more bandwidth, a more reliable signal, better encryption. Split phase power for more power, a more reliable signal, better organization of power therein.

Ladies and gentlemen, the center-tapped Toroid. And, taking it one layer further into development, the 3-phase and even 6-phase+ incandescent motor will be our means of refined signal propagation. We’ll see you next time, take care…

One more thing, had you forgotten what CHG has already pioneered as it relates to the combining of split phase (and three phase, and six-phase, etc.) power into one super-efficient model of distribution? Thanks again, warm regards.