Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is it not possible for USA citizens to invest?

At this time we are choosing to avoid the confusing legalities arising from doing business with US citizens. In a nutshell, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has made threats to shut down ICO’s in the US, and rather than worry about whether we fall into the category of a security we have chosen to avoid the legality altogether. Therefore we cannot KNOWINGLY accept investments/contributions from US citizens. We are working with our legal team to improve the service so that we can safety extend it to US citizens, but in the mean time the other 7.2 Billion world citizens may contribute freely.

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Do you have prototypes of the Charg Stations?

Yes we do! However, it is important to understand what Charg is and isn’t. Charg is a platform which enables for the receipt of money in the form of Charg Coin anywhere there is an electrical connection. Therefore, the electronics involved in Charg Coin are NOT COMPLICATED. As a matter of fact, we are piggy-backing off of existing technologies that you might already see at charging stations. The big difference? A Charg Station requires a node (small dedicated computer, as little as $9.00), and a smart switch (starts at $4.85). Other than that, there really is NO DIFFERENCE between a regular charging station and a Charg Station.

Also, are working with Electrical Engineers to determine the SAFEST solutions that conform to a balance of safety, code, and cost for each and every region of the world. We will then standardize these solutions and produce kits which enable anyone, anywhere in the world to set up their own Charg Station safely and at the lowest possible cost.

For the time being, you can find out more about what a Charg Station is by going to the following link:

How will you compete with Tesla?

We don’t need to! Our technology offers an affordable means for entire countries to quickly develop infrastructure. Tesla’s Superchargers might not have been developed if Tesla had known about us, but the two technologies actually compliment one another since Tesla’s Superchargers are centered around rapid charging whereas Charg focuses more on massive accessibility via ease of implementation. Since anyone in the world can set up their own Charg Station, we anticipate the world market will adopt electric cars extremely quickly. That’s really one of the most awesome benefits of our platform!

Do you have Telegram or other chatting service?

At this time we have Discord, which is a very nice chatting service that has functions similar to Telegram. We invite you to join us on Discord by visiting the following link:

Let us know if you still want Telegram after trying this out, and we will adjust accordingly!

What is the maximum supply of the coin?

We will only be releasing 10 Million Charg Coin for the Initial Coin Offering. There will never be more than 90 Million Charg Coin in existence, which will take several years to fully release to the public. Ten percent of this 90 Million will be allotted to the founders, not more than ten percent will be allotted to private investors, and the remainder will be stored in a smart contract Distribution Fund. The purpose of the Distribution Fund will be to maintain a steady rise in Charg Coin’s value until the coin is fully released. This will also help us to transition from a partially-centralized currency to a fully-decentralized currency. It is the intent of the Charg Coin team to make decisions regarding the release of the coin which optimize the value and stability of the coin long term, and we are working with economists to ensure success!

For more information on this subject, we encourage you to read the white paper -

What are your main competitors? How will you achieve profits with this platform? Have you already contacted Elon or Tesla to complement each other on their platforms?

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What are your main competitors?

In a 10.2 Trillion dollar industry, the question of who are competitors are takes a back seat to the fact that there’s plenty of market share to go around. Notwithstanding, we are the very first to market for this specific technology and although some competitors have since arisen none appear to have the same level of development in their platform as ours, which is now 100% ready to utilize once our community begins building their own stations.

Have you already contacted Elon or Tesla to complement each other on their platforms?
If you know Musk or other important Tesla figures personally then send them our way!!! Otherwise, he is a very hard man to get a hold of these days. Perhaps once we reach market adoption we will be in a better position for seeking partnerships with Tesla.