ECharge (ECHG) is not the original, we are!

Saw this the other day. Some of our team was angry, I was a little flattered. You KNOW you’ve got a good idea when other organizations are literally cloning your idea! Interesting that they would call us the clones… 1) Why is their name LONGER than ours? Shouldn’t the original have a name which is shorter than the clone? Charg (CHG) becomes echarge (ECHG) (is that fishy to you?) 2) Why is this organization so quick to call us a scam with no real evidence? They took our payment receipt address and confused it with our actual smart contract, claiming we had no back end. I claim they simply didn’t do their research, or were trying to mislead people. 3) If we are the clone, why is this organization still in their ICO phase when we are already beyond all that and listed on ForkDelta? 4) Simply look at our original bitcointalk post to see our founding date (we actually started a month before this was posted) and compare it to their earliest known article of creation: CHARG | | P2P Electric Car Charging - The "Uber" of Charge Stations 5) Why doesn’t echarge have any developed social media? 6) Charg Coin is about co-competition. Unless we’re being “called out” like this, we simply don’t have time to attempt to distort other ogranization’s public image.

We acknowledge there will be other players in the MASSIVE coming space of electric vehicle charging. We will accept all “competitors” coins in our wallets to even the playing field! Folks the future is less about cuttrhoat business and more about cooperative business. You are going to see all of the genuine article coins have their good name questioned by copies and clones. How can you know what is true and what is not?

  1. The decentralized world is about DE-centralizing. If you see an organization which seems like it’s moving towards centralized, there is a good chance they do not share this vision of the future! Only decentralized will bear fruit during this epoch we are entering into. 2) If an organiztion is calling another organization a scam with no real facts, it might be worth questioning them some more. It’s a known fallacy of misdirection to unload the problems within your own organization onto other organizations when you are up to no good (I can’t speak for their treatment of investors, but I will say that they have already fallen from grace in my book by attempting to literally copy our name and essence… not very cool). 3) When our own team attempted to confront Markus about his statements, we were quickly banned by their channel. Is that any way to treat your channel guests responding to your statements? We don’t think it is…
    I think we can play that game too. If you disagree with echarge calling us a clone, let them know! Here is their channel: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Mr. Dold, we ARE the original. What are you?