Asad Zeeshan STOLE 1,000,000 CHG


What’s it called when you accept payment in advance for a project, then do not deliver? Theft. This is Asad’s wallet address and payment receipt, you may view it here:

Asad Zeeshan, you are a liar and a thief. Asad Zeeshan accepted a gift in the amount of 1,000,000 CHG. He then agreed to perform work in exchange for this gift, thus converting this gift to payment in advance. Work which was not ever delivered. If you are thinking about working with Asad Zeeshan Skelton, don’t. If you are thinking about hiring Asad Zeeshan Skelton, do not. If you think Asad Zeeshan Skelton will be honest, he will not. Not if your experience is anything like ours was.

Additionally, Asad Zeeshan had engaged in mutiny, sedition, and sabotage a myriad of times.

Asad Zeeshan, your lying cheating stealing ways are going to catch up with you. Everyone else, stay away from this man, he is not good for your project!


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